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About This Site

This site began as 'small' project of mine to have a web-based music player. Some research revealed several examples I could use, and I chose an open-source one written in JavaScript called "jPlayer for jQuery" by Happyworm Ltd. A bit of tweaking got it to where I wanted, and it forms the basis of the player.

Of course the whole site depends a great deal on a MySQL database to hold all the information. And Perl is my language of choice for web interactivity.

As well as providing a way to play music, I decided this was a good opportunity to use Scalable Vector Graphics in a web environment. SVG is becoming more popular as the major browsers offer various degrees of support.

All the color Genre icons are produced with SVG - view the source code to see how.

Most CD covers on this site are provided as is. However some are done with SVG. Specifically, compilations I have made in Ambient / Lounge / Downbeat, Jazz / Fusion. These are noted by their Artist Names: 'VA Ambient', 'VA Hed Music' and 'VA Jazz'. Titles are usually just a number.

These CD covers were generated using an application called Inkscape, a free vector drawing program.

In addition to the graphics, there is also some use of AJAX. This technology is something you see whenever you use Google Maps. As you scroll around a map on the screen, the updated map is presented in the SAME web page. This makes for a much quicker response, with less overhead on the server.

To see what is meant by this, follow the link below, and check the address box in your browser. Then click one of the buttons. Notice the address hasn't change, but the content of the page has been updated. However, each button calls a Perl script which pulls the request from the database, and presents the result as HTML on the same page.

SVG & AJAX is used here:

Here are the pages that use AJAX:

To see more about my experiences with SVG visit my SVG page here.