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Amer Neely has been active on the Internet since 1984 and has experience with most aspects of its use, such as ftp, telnet, email, newsgroups, web and more. His main focus is Perl programming for the web and database applications. He is familiar with relational database design and programming, using MySQL on a regular basis.

A former Marketing Assistant for a video production company, Amer brings business savvy to round out his repertoire of Internet skills. He also had his own column titled "Internet Basics" for two years in Content London, a former publication of Information London.

In April of 1999 he accepted an invitation to take part in a three-day Job Task Analysis workshop by the Association of Web Professionals in Mississauga. The six-member group developed a detailed analysis of what a Web Manager's responsibilities and skills should be.

Another aspect of Amer Neely is available at the Dark Matter Photography web site.

An ongoing labour of love is his personal web site Research Central. This started out as his original bookmark file before graphical web browsers were even available. It used to contain links to gopher and telnet sites if any of you remember what those are. Amer is an information junkie, and this site reflects his eclectic interests.

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