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Non-fiction books that don't fit comfortably into my STEM container.

The books are digital so accessible from here either online or as a download.

Autobiographies, art, biographies, memoirs, essays, religion, cookbooks, philosophy, ramblings, photography, jurisprudence, history ...

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  1. Art Of Photography (The)
    Bruce Barnbaum [2010]
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    Art Of Photography (The)
    A successful photograph does one of several things. It allows, or forces, the viewer to see something that he has looked at many times without really seeing; it shows him something he has never previously encountered; or, it raises questions - perhaps ambiguous or unanswerable - that create mysteries, doubts, or uncertainties. In other words, it expands our vision and our thoughts. It extends our horizons. It evokes awe, wonder, amusement, compassion, horror, or any of a thousand responses. It sheds new light on our world, raises questions about our world, or creates its own world.
        Art; Photography

  2. Why You Like It
    Nolan Gasser [2019]
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    Why You Like It
    In this sweeping and authoritative book, Dr. Nolan Gasser - a composer, pianist, and musicologist, and the chief architect of the Music Genome Project, which powers Pandora Radio - breaks down what musical taste is, where it comes from, and what our favorite songs say about us. Dr. Gasser delves into the science, psychology, and sociology that explains why humans love music so much; how our brains process music; and why you may love Queen but your best friend loves Kiss.
        Culture; Music; Psychology

  3. Bite in the Apple (The)
    Chrisann Brennan [2013]
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    Bite in the Apple (The)

    An intimate look at the life of Steve Jobs by the mother of his first child providing rare insight into Jobs's formative, lesser-known years.

    Steve Jobs was a remarkable man who wanted to unify the world through technology. For him, the point was to set people free with tools to explore their own unique creativity. Chrisann Brennan knows this better than anyone. She met him in high school, at a time when Jobs was passionately aware that there was something much bigger to be had out of life, and that new kinds of revelations were within reach.

        Apple Computer; Biography; Steve Jobs

  4. Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print (The)
    Denise Ross [2019]
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    Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print (The)

    In 1949, Kodak offered a staggering variety of paper choices. It seems unlikely that anyone at the time anticipated the changes in photography that were to come, but in 2005, Kodak stopped making paper. Since then, different printing papers, manufactured by various companies around the world, have come and gone. Silver gelatin photographic materials - paper and film - were the backbone of mainstream photography for over a century. Today, digital is the new mainstream, and silver gelatin is joining the family of alternative and historical processes.

    One difference that distinguishes 'silver gelatin' from other historical processes is its enormous breadth and depth. It is, in fact, a multitude of individual processes. Paper making alone encompasses dozens of possibilities.


  5. Principles for Programmers
    Andrei Neagoie [2020]
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    Principles for Programmers
    Whether you are just starting to learn to code, or have many years of experience, the Principles For Programmers are a valuable and actionable collection of key principles to ensure you are on the path to success. From tips and tricks on writing code the right way to becoming a stronger manager, the 40 principles in this book have been put together based on years of collecting advice, articles, books and opinions of some of the best programmers, thought leaders, and business experts in the world.
        Computer Programming; Knowledge; Thought and Thinking

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